FloorHeat Radiant Heating Systems


No matter which radiant system you choose,

FloorHeat can supply all of the components for an easy, high quality installation.

grid modules

Grid Modules

16 in. x 16 in. x 1 in. modules made of recycled plastic make it easy to install tubing with optimal 8 in. tubing spacing. Modules interlock to form a rigid base that is easily adaptable for any tubing layout.

heat plates

Heat Plates

Die-formed aluminum heat plates snap into the grid modules and help conduct heat from the tubing into the floor. Also used in staple-up systems to secure PEX tubing to the underside of the sub-floor to maintain contact between the tubing and the sub-floor.

pex tubing

Pex Tubing

Premium PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing with an aluminum core which virtually eliminates noise. Engineered to withstand heating and cooling cycles—expansion and contraction is dramatically less than all-plastic tubing.

thermal reflecting foil

Thermal Reflecting Foil

Plastic sheet with a reflective foil surface that prevents heat loss by reflecting heat up into the room. Can be used as a vapor barrier as well as a radiant barrier.

electric heating mats

Electric Heating Mats

Ideal for smaller areas in remodeling projects. Easy to install.

distribution panel

Distribution Panels

Standard one- through six-zone panels, or custom built for any application—including domestic hot water and/or a second high-temperature zone. We work with you to be sure your panel is exactly suited to your requirements. Made with the finest components and pressure tested before leaving our facility.